Cut and Bend
Controlled and processed by Siam steel Syndicate Public Company Limited

Cut and Bend bars are one of the popular products among countries like Japan, Singapore, UAE, and Western European countires. It helps reducing the amoung of time spent on site and improving work efficiency which helps project managers to to manage and finish projects on time. The like of using made to order cut and bend bars also increase the level of confidence of project owners to get the materials at the standard they want.
The team will follow the instruction from project specification, proceed with Cut and Bend by using automated machine.

Key benefits of Cut and Bend bars:
- Labor cost saving due to time saving on site
- On-site machine rental saving
- Reduce amount of space required to store the steel, which allows more space for other purposes, suitable for the site with limited space
- True cost saving from waste from cut steels
- Able to keep track of items, hence reduce lost and stealth
- Reduce trucking cost of steel
- Variety of prototypes available

The service fee of Cut and Bend is only THB 3.00/kg
** steel price is charged based on current market price




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