SCG Unifiber Ceiling Insulation

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Roof insulation UniFiber 50mm Pipe 0.60x4.00m  cheap price
Size 0.60x4.00m
Weight 1.56 kg.
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Product Description

UniFiber Insulation for Roof 2-inches

Designed for home and office insulation. It is well applicable for all types of ceiling e.g. T-Bar. The size is compact and easy to move around and install. 

  • UniFiber Insulation is made of Metalized Film (Blue Color)
  • Standard Size is 0.6x4.0m in roll format

Key Benefits

  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Suitable for ceiling installation 
  • Suitable for both newly built homes or old structured homes 

Technical Information 

Size: 0.6x4.0 m

Weight: 1.3 kg/roll 

Thickness: 12 kg/cbm

Material: Wrapped with metalized film

R Value: 1.190 sqm.K/w