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Let us help you search the industrial standard materials for your project. We all know the best way to construct somethings is saving time, saving money and getting a good material quality. The brands we work with are mostly well established in Thailand. You can find materials for construction in our website.

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Our category managers will help you source the most competitive pricing across the countries and regions. The majority our materials are from the leading brands and we choose drop ship method to help you save time and cost. Our product categories range from structural, decorative and architectural materials.


Our delivery service has covered all provinces of Thailand, Laos PDR, and Myanmar in recent years. You don’t need worry about products because majority of the products pass quality from factory. So we can make sure your order is properly warranted.

The brands you can trust

At OneStockHome, our team continue to provide enough range of products and carefully select the brands that represent categories that grow in both local and international demand

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