QMIX Ready Mixed Concrete 320 ksc

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QMIX Ready Mixed Concrete 320 ksc Big Truck cheap price
Size Min 3 CBM. If order 1 CBM, extra charges 700+7% baht/trip, order 2 CBM, extra charges 350+7% baht
This is an ex-factory price and does NOT include VAT 7%
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* Trucking Cost excluded and Material price is ex-factory price.
* Please add item(s) to Cart and fill in your delivery information for Trucking Cost estimation.

Product Description


Do NOT add water and/or other materials into concrete

Please do NOT add water and or other types of materials into concrete both in the truck and outside because that can deteriorate the strength of the concrete and might cause dust on its surface

Do NOT sprinkle cement on concrete surface

To do this, it might cause cracks and dusts on concrete surface and will be very difficult to maintain

Finish the casting process within 2 hours since the truck starts its trip

To achieve the best concrete performance, the casting process should be finished within 2 hours since the truck starts leaving its plants.

Make joint to prevent the cracks 

It's required that contractors make joint lines to reduce the effect that comes from concrete settling itself. 

Keep the casting for at least 7 days

To achieve the best concrete performance, it's strongly recommended that you keep concrete casted for at least 7 days. During those days, splashing the water on top of its surface is recommended. It's also advisable to cover the concrete with plastic sheet or clothes.

Before Ordering

1. Please check the distance of the plant from the team

2. Delivery Truck is 10-wheel truck. The surface of the area should therefore be stable for big trucks to commute around

3. Width of the road should be no less than 4 meters

4. In case of more than 90 degrees road, the width of the road should be more than 6 meters

5. The height should be more than 4 meters for the truck to drive in easily

Trucking Fees

If order more than or equal to 3 cbm, FREE delivery

If order less than 3 cbm, the trucking fees are to be charged as follows: 

1. Order 1 cbm, Trucking fee 700 baht before VAT 7% per trip

2. Order 2 cbm, Trucking fee 350 baht before VAT 7% per trip