Cylence Zoundblock Acoustic Sheet Price Chart

SCG Acoustic for Wall Insulation Cylence Zoundblock is non combustible glasswool, covered with materials to prevent humidity. It is used to enhance an acoustic insulation performance of wall system in residential buildings, office space, auditoriums and other commercial buildings. 

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It is suitable for assembly with brick wall, concrete wall, curtain wall, dry wall, and partition walls. Quick and easy to install. Installation system used Galvanized frame C64 and U66 or Galvanized frame C74 or U76 for 50 mm size (S050). Whereas for 100 mm thickness, it's recommended to use H-Beam size 125x125 mm or I Beam size 150x75 mm, or Channel steel size 125x65, 150x75 mm. It can be wood frame or metal frames