Hahuang Trilon Roof Tile Price Chart

Hahuang Trilon Roof Tile Best Price

Hahuang Trilon Roof Tile has its special roof pattern that noone can be compared to. With its wavy pattern, Hahuang is the first factory who achieve such wavy pattern for roof tile.   

trilon hahuang specification

Reduce Heat Invation Trilon Roof Tiles

Trilon Kool Series are roof tiles that help reducing the heat into the building

Mold Prevention Trilon Roof Tiles

The tile is coated with Silver Nano chemical. It can therefore help the roof to sustain its color and prevent toxic water drainage. 

No Asbestos Trilon Roof Tiles

The tile's composition has no asbestos mixed. It's therefore confirmed healthy from cancerous cell.

Hahuang Trilon Accessories

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Tips for Installation Trilon Roof

It's advisable to use 1.2 m tile to cover the main roof area and use 1.5 m tile for eaves area. This is to help prevent water leakage into the building easily.  

Trilon Kool Series 1.3m Length 

trilon kool series 130 cm best price

No Leakage Trilon Roof

With the length of  the tile, it helped increase the coverage length to 30 cm. The roof slope can also bear the minimum of 7 degrees roof slope. 

Easy to Install Trilon Roof

Batten space of 1 m. It is therefore easy for contractor to install due to less changes in procedure