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Jatulon Fiber Cement Roof Tiles

Jatulon Tiles Creating an aesthetic dimension with Jatulon tiles: features creative design for modern statement and elegance for your roofs; exhibiting remarkable glow and charm with a touch of glamour, roofings that harmoniously reflect the luxurious taste of the home owners, with the special quality of Jatulon tiles that features high strength, durability and long service life. With the dedication to develop products with a difference, this has resulted in tiles with striking and stylish curvatures, and product with outstanding characteristics.

jatulon best price 

Jatulon Techinical Information

jatulon technical information 

Special Properties

The properties of corrugated forms have been deigned to favor strong and durable corrugations, to support greater loads and to withstand pressure and impact, as the tiles have up to 4 corrugations and are manufactured with modern technology.

  • Jatulon tiles facilitate effective rainwater drainage, as the curvature of the trough sections can allow for better water runoff compared to other tiles in the market.
  • Jatulon tiles are distinctive in colors, attractive and stylish, with 4 corrugations that generate a sparkling reflection and distinctive dimension to the tiles.
  • Jatulon tiles are as easy to install as fiber cement tiles that are commonly available in the market.

Jatulon Accessories and Fitting

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