Metal Sheet

Metal sheet has 2 major types which are available in Thailand. One is Galvalume Metal Sheet which has the combination of aluminum and zinc coated over the surface of the metal. The other one is prepainted metal sheet. This type of pre painted metal sheets are available in various colors and nowadays even have 3D printing color. Metal sheet has its key benefit which is to serve rural roofing. Apart from using it for factory or warehouse structure, the metal sheet is mostly used for temporary usages and mostly distributed across the low income area. Because of its light weight and easy to use function.

Metal Sheet Bolt System

Metal Sheet Klip Lock

Metal Sheet Seamless Roof

Metal Sheet Interlock

Metal Sheet Flat Sheet

Metal Sheet Imported

Metal Sheet Japanese

Metal Sheet MC and BSI

Metal Sheet With Insulation

Metal Sheet Wooden Texture

Metal Sheet Ridge System

Sandwich Panel

Screw Metalsheet