Jorakay Crocodile

Jorakay Corporation, creator of the Crocodile brand, was founded in Thailand in 1992 and has retained 100% ownership by Thai entrepreneurs for over 20 years. “Crocodile” is Thailand’s leading cement manufacturer, focusing on construction, waterproof systems, and repair. “Crocodile” is especially known and trusted for our top selling tile adhesive and grout. Our company offers a wide range of quality products, with total revenue over 1.6 billion THB in 2013. All Crocodile products are created with the core value of Innovation for Your Family’s Happiness. We never stop developing, researching, testing, and improving the quality of our products in order to earn the trust of our valued customers, distributors, contractors, architects, and engineers. We aim to ensure that every Crocodile product is of the absolute best quality and meets the highest standard in Thailand.