SCG Gypsum Board MoldBloc

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SCG Gypsum Board MoldBloc Tapered Edge 120x240cm 9mm 8852429407883 cheap price
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Product Description

Gypsum Board SCG MoldBloc for Ceiling and Interior Walls

Gypsum Board SCG Standard is mold resistance, fire resistance, thermal insulation, sound absorption (35-60 decibel), durable, light weight, eco-friendly, nonhazardous, easy and quick to install.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Gypsum Board SCG MoldBloc with tapered edge is in 1200x2400x9mm with 18kg.

Installation Tips

For Partition

  • Screw length is determined by the thickness of the gypsum board with extra 10mm.
  • Metal stud thickness should be more than 5.5mm.
  • Vertical metal stud should set in the same direction of a partition.
  • Width of partition should not be above 15m, if above use the expansion joint to prevent cracking.
  • Leave 10mm gap between floor to prevent dampness.

For Ceiling

  • Length of the concealed ceiling should not be longer that 15m. If not a 10mm. space must be left in conjunction with the expansion joint to prevent cracking.
  • For the installation of both gypsum partition and ceiling. Install the ceiling first.