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Roof insulation Roof Batt 75mm 0.60x0.95 m (Pack) cheap price
Size 6 Pieces/Pack, 0.60x0.95 m, 1.75 Piece/Sq.m
Weight 3.0 kg.
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Product Description

SCG Roof Batt 

roof batt ceiling

Suitable for installation under roof structure. The good thing is that it can be installed without necesarrily removing the roof. The insulation used is eco-friendly and has proven protecting your home from heat. It's made of Green-3 insulation material which is made of glass wool insulation. The 3-inches thickness will help protecting the heat penetrating into your home. Suitable for all types of roof. 

Thermal Insulation 

SCG Insulation has a low thermal conductivity which help rearing heat transfer through building and saving energy cost.

Non Flammable

SCG Insulation is a noncombustible material in accordance with ASTM E84 BS476 with FR grade AI Foil, so it can be used with safety. 

Compressive Strength

SCG Insulation is flexible and resilient which provides a good thickness recovery and long term insulation performance

Noise Reduction 

SCG Insulation has a porous structure which provide a good sound energy absorption and help reducing impacted noise from metal roof

Easy to Install

SCG Insulation has lightweight and good tensile resitance so it can be handled and installed easily 

Long Life Insulation 

SCG Insulation is made of glasswool which durable and not deteriorated by mold or fungus 

Condensation Control 

With approprate thickness and vapor barrier material, SCG Insulation help preventing a condensation problem in building 


How to Improve Heat Insulation Capability for Homes

thermal insulation for home best price in thailand
  • It's been proven that home with SCG Thermal Insulation can reduce the average room temperature from 35 degrees celcius to 32 degrees celcius on average 
  • With the heat protection area (green area highlighted), the thermal resistance of ceiling can increase to 27.92 hr.sqft F/Btu (the more the cooler) and thermal resistance for wall can increase to 12.93 hr.sqft F/Btu

Better Heat Reflection

It will help cool up your home by 6 times. And increase heat protection with 95% reflectivity 

Electricity Cost Saving 47%

SCG Thermal Insulation recevied High Performance Label Certification from Ministry of Energy of Thailand and can help save electricity cost up to 47% by reducing work load of air conditioner