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Tiger Calcite for Floor 40 kg cheap price
Size 40 kg Kao Wong Exfactory price
Weight 40.0 kg.
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Product Description


Calcite for floor 

Calcite for mix with cement. Calcite is made from natural material, it comes from Calcium carbonate (CaCO3). This color is clean white. It is brought through standard process of grinding and choosing. Calcite use for mix with cement instead of using sand because it is more effective. The surface is made from Calcite is very white, look clean, strength and durable.

It can use about 0.5bag/Sq.m. (requirements under the supervision and recommendations of civil engineers.)

Made from Calcite

Special Features

  • It makes your product looks clean from white color and make your product strike the eyes.
  • You can put another color in cement when you mix them.
  • The beauty from color is durable and stay with you for long time. Because the color will be a part of cement.

Suggestion for use

  • You should to clean materials before and after work.
  • You should to clean the arear where you want to decoration before work.
  • Please keep it far away from sunlight and dry.
  • When plastering work is dry, you should enamel with some medicinal liquid.
  • If you have mixed water already, you had to finish the work for 60 minutes.
  • Don’t mix water again after the cement is nearly to be a solid.

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