SCG Portland Cement Type III

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Portland Cement Type III 50 kg cheap price
Size 50 kg
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Portland Cement Type III Powder cheap price
Size บรรจุ 1 ตัน จำหน่ายเป็นตัน
Weight 1000.0 kg.
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Product Description

SCG Portland Cement Type III or High Early Strength Cement

SCG Portland Cement Type III has faster rate of high early strength, this Portland Cement Type 3 allows contractors to complete work faster. It is ideal for the production of prestressed concrete products such as concrete planks, piles and electrical poles.

portland type 3

Standard Packaging

  • Cement bags feature a thin plastic lining to protect the cement from humidity and provide reistance to impact. Maintaining the freshness of cement
  • Available in 50 kg/bag

Special Features

  • A faster rate of early high strength allows for faszter work completion 
  • Reduces greenhouse emissions in the production process, thereby posing no harms to the environment and providing an alternative for eco-conscious users
  • Ideal for both prestressed and non pre-stressed concrete


Concrete should be properly cured for at least 3 days with wet sacks or by water spray


portland type 3 standard
  • Attained the Thai Industrial Standard for Portland Cement Type III
  • Conforms wiht ASTM 150 Type III


portland type 3 mix

The concrete mix design may vary depending on individual project requirements under the supervision and reocmmendations of civil engineers. 

Industrial Standard Cement


portland type 3 standard

Compressive Strength

Mortar cubes 1 day: 22.5 MPa

Mortar cubes 3 days: 32.0 MPa