Road Ready Premixed Asphalt

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Road Ready premixed asphalt 20 kg cheap price
Size Bag 20 kg
Weight 20.0 kg.
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Product Description

Road Ready Premixed Asphalt 20 kg/bag

Product Information 

Road Ready pre-mixed is a ready-to-use asphalt packed in double plastic protection. No heating or mixing with other materials required. When the asphalt is exposed to the air, it will setter with just a little compaction and you can DIY with hoe or shovel. 


  • For fixing and patching hole, crack, damaged road, pedestrian, speed bump, ramp, parking area and surface adjustment.

Usage Advice 

4 bags for 1 sq.m. (for 5cm thickness pavement). 


Store the product under the shade and seal the bag tightly after use. 


  1. Carve the hole into geometrical shape with solid sides.
  2. Clean the area by completely removing dust, pebbles, other residue including water and oil. 
  3. Fill the hole with pre-mixed asphalt until it is 2cm higher than the original surface. If the hole is deeper than 5cm, fill the hole with sand or aggregate until the hole is 5cm deep. 
  4. Compress Road Ready starting from the edge and moving to the center by using basic tools such as hole, shovel, or heavier tool such as compactor for better result. 

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