Joining Our Network

After having been in the industry for more than 40 years, we have realised the importance of having strong network and distribution channel in order to support the customers at the right time and the most convenient possible.

It's strongly recommended that to join our network, vendors must get themselves familiar with a few of following concepts: 


Ex-Factory Price

Ex-factory price is suitable for factories who are looking into expanding their own distribution channel across online platform. OneStockHome can help communicate to the buyers/contractors as on whether the products are still carried on in the market and subsequently what is the right price for them to source direct from factories. Ex-factories price will help enhancing the transparency to buyers. It is for buyers to understand the cost at ex-factory and for them to have flexibility to pick up the products themselves.

Local Store Front Price

It's inevitable to avoid such presence of local store fronts. Reason being is that in every transactions of sourcing building materials, there are various types of product that require extra care especially in terms of delivery.

Delivery at Site Price

Delivery at site price will help enhance the convenient factors for users. With our optimized logistics network, it will help save cost for buyers.