How to Purchase Building Materials Online with Full Transparency

OneStockHome is an online platform that helps contractors and project owners to source their building materials effectively and efficiently. Because we understand the complications in doing B2B business and the hurdles each purchasing managers or project owners must face before starting to purchase the materials for their project use, we've therefore summed up the process for users to easily digest as 2 easy steps to purchase building materials online. To make the purchase, there are 2 very easy steps; OneStockHome Quotes and OneStockHome Delivers

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1. We Quote

Our experience tells us that for B2B (Businesss to Business) purchase, it's required that our customers compare the price. OneStockHome offers an easy way for our users to cart in and request for the quotation in an efficient manner. By following these steps, the user can

1.1. Sign up to our system. The key benefit of signing up is that users can always come back to their portal and track the status of their request online.

1.2. Cart in. With our up to date design and constant changes in user experience, we hope to help optimize and improve the cart in process for our users. Our goal is to have our users cart in within a click away. The new improved features, be it that makes small or large impact to the design or user interface, are aimed to launch to help improve the user experience bit by bit and hopefully to help smoothen the process for users day by day.

1.3. Location. Because the key factor and unchanged factor for ordering building materials is the "Location." But to help smoothen the process, we understand that it's not yet necessary to ask for precise location of your site, hence the light version of location is only required to fill in to help us improve the accuracy of our quotation.

1.4. Request for Quotaion. Once above is finished, users will only need to click Request for Quotation.

2. We Deliver

Because construction materials are considered a heavy products and require a lot of coordination before delivery, it's therefore recommended that before being able to deliver physically at the site, there are a few additional steps required to help ensure you order is correct.

2.1. Quotation Confirm. This process is inserted as the critical step to ensure that users understand fully what is covered in the quotation and what is included or not included. 

2.2. Payment. Upon the confirmation and stock availability, the payment can be arranged via our 3 channels:

2.2.1. Cash transfer. With mobile payment making available nowadays, it's a lot more convenient for users to arrange the payment anytime anywhere. We will advise the bank at which users find it most convenient to arrange the transfer. Our term is usually 100% payment before delivering at site

2.2.3. Credit Card Payment. Credit card payment is available upon the request. You will need the asstant from our team to send you the link, so that you can arrange the payment anytime anywhere. Please note that for credit card payment, there will usually be service fees imposed

2.3. Delivery. The delivery process is usually made at site upon the 100% payment made. The timelines usually takes less than 48 hours or unless agree otherwise.

2.4. Document Delivery. Documents related to the delivery such as invoices and receipts will be arranged in the different time and manner to the address users identify and advise earlier both in the system or via the conversation with our sales team