Translucent Metal Sheet Profile Price Chart

SCG Translucent Roof Sheet : Metal Roof Profile has a special composition of polyester resin using special catalyst to enhance lasting durability of product and high quality of fiberglass. Then it continues on to profile forming process which matches a variety of roof profiles and is available in many sizes as required for installation. Our products has been Certified by ASTM and Industrial standard (TIS 612 - 2549)



Translucent Sheet Standard 10 and Standard 12  


Translucent Sheet Super Plus 18


Translucent Sheet Premium 25 and Premium 30  



Product Handling and Storage Instructions for SCG Translucent Roof Sheet. 

Stack sheets not over 60 cm per each pallet

Sheeting should not be dragged across objects or other products as it may affect the performance and aesthetics of the roof sheet. 

Care should be taken when loading the translucent roof sheet onto the roof to avoid bending or distortion of the sheet

Store sheeting in a dry location and protect from possible wind damage prior to installation.