Pre Zinc GI Square Steel Pipes Price Chart

Prezinc GI Square Tube Steel

GI Steel Square Pipes are made of GI coil formed into square tubes. 



The zinc layer on galvanized square tube steel's surface is used to prevent further corrosion of the base metal and ensures a long service life of material. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance of the galvanized. Common used for building and construction such as ceilings, verandas, rolling doors, partitions sheds, gutters, wall, underground pipping, sashes, beams fences and part of indoor decorations. 

Pre-Zinc Rectangular Steel Pipe Usage and its Application

Tensile Value: 350-370 N/sq nm

  • Light Weight can stand the rust 
  • Suitable for indoor which has low level of exposure to acid or sea water 
  • Can NOT be used for water pipes 
  • Suitable for light weight structure or residential roof structure  

Hot Dip Galvanized Rectangular Steel Pipe   

Tensile Value: 400 N/sq nm

  • Can stand the rust and can be used near the sea of heavy chemical condense area
  • Can be used in water piping 
  • Can withhold heavy weight or high pressure forces