Pre Zinc GI Rectangular Steel Pipes

Prezinc GI Rectangular Pipe

Prezinc GI Rectangular Pipes are made of GI coil folded into round format and then forced into rectangular form.



Pre-Zinc Rectangular Steel Pipe Usage and its Application

Tensile Value: 350-370 N/sq nm

  • Light Weight can stand the rust 
  • Suitable for indoor which has low level of exposure to acid or sea water 
  • Can NOT be used for water pipes 
  • Suitable for light weight structure or residential roof structure  

Hot Dip Galvanized Rectangular Steel Pipe   

Tensile Value: 400 N/sq nm

  • Can stand the rust and can be used near the sea of heavy chemical condense area
  • Can be used in water piping 
  • Can withhold heavy weight or high pressure forces