Wide Flange Steel Best Price Price Chart

Steel Wide Flange Beams

Steel Wide Flange is available in Thailand under SYS Siam Yamato Steel production. Currently there are also SYS PrimerBond range launched in the market. PrimerBond is suitalbe for areas that has high risk of corrosion.

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Wide Flange has its flange longer than its web. In Thailand, usually classified under HB, we will only need to notice the size that is not symmetrical. Suitable for pole, roof structure, and the structure that requires heavy load. Mostly available in 6m 9m 12m Wide Flanges are classifed under group of H-Beam in Thailand Standard. It's suitable for construction structural work. 

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The Differences between Wide Flange WF and H-Beams HB

  • H beam has its flange equal to its web 
  • Wide Flange is available in larger size in Thailand
  • Both are suitable for beam and pole works, which can bear loading tension well. 
  • The key differences between H-Beam and Wide Flange Beam are dimensions, strength and applications.

Wide Flange and H-Beam applications:

  • Construction support beams for factory shops especially steel buildings structure
  • Factory platforms
  • Bridges
  • Frames for truck bed
  • Machinery