H Beam Steel Best Price Price Chart

H-Beam Steel Best Price. The price adjusted Oct 2019

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H Beam has its flange equal both side. The product is avaiable in variuous types, larger size for heavy loading structure. Its length up to 12 m helps contractor saving time to weld the steel together. It also helps strengthening the form. Suitable for pole, roof structure, and the structure that requires heavy load. 

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The Differences between H-Beams and I-Beams

  • H beam has thicker centre web (it means it is stronger than I beam) than I beam.
  • H beams is used when span up to 100 m when I beam is used when span up to 10 to 30m.
  • Plate girder is made by I beam.
  • The difference between both H-beams and I-beams is the flange by web ratio.
  • The I beam is lighter than the H-beam, which means a H-beam is not always ideal.

Differences in Usage for H-Beams and I-Beams

H-Beam is available in a various of cross section sizes, from H100x100mm to H300x300mm, making H-Beam a versatile choice. Both the structure of the building and factory. Or large building such as hangar. I-Beam is made for more specific applications such as crane rails in industrial building. Because of the high flange thickness and the Taper appearance. Unlike H-beam, the thickness of the flange is equal from start to finish. As a result, I-Beam will be able to withstand impact. But it will have more weight than H-Beam in the same cross section size, such as

  • H 300x150x6.5x9 mm Weight 36.7 kg / m
  • I 300x150x8x13 mm. Weight 48.3 kg / m

I-Beam will weigh up to 32% more than that of H-Beam. 

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