Angle Steel Best Price Price Chart

Angle Steel Special price. Angle steel can be used for various applications and commonly used for building truss for large structure work or electrical poles.


Angle Steel or some may call Angle Bars or sometimes also known as Equal Angle Bars have symmetrical size of both its height and its base (HxB). Angle bars are produced by hot-rolled processing and Angle Steel is commonly used for part of structural work. Angle Steel, however, is not recommended for the main structure of building, especially the heavy load bearing area. Because Angle Steel's load bearing capability isn't as good as those of steel beams. Angle Steel is therefore used for lighter structure such as top part of roof area. Our angle bars have passed TIS 1227-1996/ JIS G 3129-1990 and JIS G 3101-1995. Common grade of steel that is used to produce Angle Bars are SS400 and SS540.