Roman Roof Tiles SCG Hybrid Price Chart

Dec 23, 2017: The factory newly launch Roman Tiles Hybrid, with its thickness 0.55mm. Help you save structure load bearing. 

SCG Roman Tile Hybrid Series 5.5mm Best Price

SCG Roman Tile Series are one of Fiber Cement roof, one of its key features is it contains no Asbestos material inside the tile. New Product is called Hybrid series, with 5.5 mm thickness.

SCG Roman Tiles Safe and Strong Lining:

  • With its new formula of fiber cement roof, the main tile is non-asbestos composition with tough texture and resist to impact. The texture and materials help prevent damage from hail pellets and falling tree branches. This new formula is two times more effective than that of the previous formula.
  • Owners will have no concern on the problem of roof leak due to improper installation. Because of its non-asbestos formula with tough texture, it is easy to drill without cracking and breaking. 
  • It makes the house comfortably cool. The tile reduces amount of heat transmitted through the roof. Without asbestos, the heat conduction is 5 times lower than that of previous formula.

SCG Roman Tiles Fitting

SCG Roman Tiles Impeccable beauty for the whole roof

It is meticulously designed to snugly fit the curve of undulating roof sheet at every point, at every point

SCG Roman Tiles Leak-Proof, absent of soiling by surface layers of lime

No marks of scratchees, absolute leak-proof and stronger

SCG Roman Tiles Matching Beauty

With a wide choice of every shades of color

scg roman tile fitting
scg roman tile fitting best price

Warning for SCG Roman Tiles during Installation

  • Only used for residential roof or high rise building having the height from the ground NOT more than 23 meters. Products are advised to use qualified equipment from manufacturer. Application for other purposes are not recommended. During working on the roof, PPE for high rise work and standard movement supporting devices are highly required. 
  • SCG Fiber Cement roofing products are designed to use appropriately with construction nature of Thailand only. The company shall not be responsible for any causes from the user of product outside Thailand. Architects, contractors and installers must be cautioned.