SCG Concrete Tiles CPAC (CPAC Monier OLD) Price Chart

Choose from a myriad of vibrant color options in warm and inviting Mediterraneaninspired earthy hues or shades, available in single tone and two tone colors, offering utmost design flexibility and versatility. Each tile is meticulously finished with a glossy efflorescence preventive coating that keeps tile color rich through the years and enhances the beauty and value of a well designed home. It's the type of roof that has continued its popularity for more than 40 years

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SCG Concrete Tiles are Superior Roofing Aesthetics and Its Ummatched Performance

SCG Concrete Tiles have Advanced Tile Extrusion Production Process 

  • Technically advanced tile extrusion process ensures consistent quality and exact dimensions
  • State-of-the-art machines can produce at a rate five times more than limited press production process, ensuring supply availability unmatched by any local tile producer

SCG Concrete Tiles have Superior Tile Design 

  • Designed for top function and performance
  • Three lateral weather bars across the underside of the nose create two compression zones that act as a double check against wind-driven rain from entering the roof tile through the underside. Perfect tile interlocking further prevents any water from seeping through tile overlaps
  • Weather bars trap in rushing wind, spinning it around to build up a high-pressure compression zone that weakens wind-driven water. The second pressure zone acts as an additional safeguard

SCG Concrete Roof Tiles have Long-lasting Color Richness 

The wet-on-wet coating process, wherein inorganic color pigments are combined with cement tile, results in a homogenous color coating and long lasting color richness and integrity time after time

SCG Concrete Roof Tiles help Cooling the Roof 

Ideal roofing for hot and high humidity climates or reducing heat retention during summer months at the same time helping reduce energy consumption and cost

SCG Concrete Roof Tiles offer Roof that Never Rusts

Requires very minimal maintenance and is the ideal roofing choice for projects along the archipelago’s coastline where air is salty and causes metal to rust

SCG Concrete Roof Tiles Fitting

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