SCG Ceramic Tile Celica Roof Tiles Best Price Price Chart

SCG Celica Curve is designed for new and modern look. The curve is more special and give people the feeling of modernized home. The designers usually recommends SCG Celica Curve for modern home with earth tone color.

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Material of Celica Roof Tiles 


SCG Celica Roof Tiles Technical Information

Batten Space: 32-34 cmRoof Slope: 17-40 degrees

SCG Celica Roof Tiles Production Process

It's the combination of quality raw material, coated color process, passing high temperature 1,100 degrees celcious. The high temperature will help blend the materials together. Its external texture is therefore very smooth for both appearance and the feel. 

SCG Celica Roof Tiles Long Lasting Color

With the production process that pass the tiles through 1,100 degrees celcious machine, it helps blend the color on the surface and the tile structure really well. Reduce the damage occured.

SCG Celica Roof Tiles Improve Shining Quality 

With its smooth surface, it helps reduce dust sticking to the surface.

SCG Celica Roof Tiles Reduce Heat 

With its key materials are composed of clay, the tiles has low heat induction and therefore reduce the heat transmission to the building. 

SCG Celica Roof Tiles Unique Technology

Dry Press Fast Firing technology is the new technology that help framing the model. With high temperature 1,100 degrees celcious production process, it helps reduce humidity from the tiles completely. 

SCG Celica Roof Tiles Caution

Please note that the color shown in screen may be different than that of real product 

SCG Celica Roof Tiles Accessories

SCG Celica Curve also has its roofing accessories that fit our needs

celica curve accessories