SCG Ayara Roof Tiles Best Price Price Chart

Ayara Fiber Cement Roof is made of SCG portland cement mixed with sythetic fiber. The texture will therefore be flexible enough and long lasting. Its light weight helps saving the cost for structure during construction. It has wide ranges of colors offered. The products are widely used in the region, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia.

ayara roof tile fiber cement best price
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SCG Ayara Roof Tiles Another class of technology with World Class paint coating 

  • First one in smooth type fiber cement roof, from SCG Ayara roof
  • This is high-qualified paint coating technology equivalent to the coating for automobile industry, and environmental friendly. 

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Paint color matrix well blended and harmonized to the tile texture

Long Lasting

Enhance the protection for the paint color from sunshine in all climates

Scratch Resistance

Very high resistance for scratching from normal application

Easy to Clean

SCG Ayara roof tile with Z-TRON Shield provides beautiful coloring, high durability, and long lasting color which will last longer than normal painted color. Elegance and easy to maintain. 

SCG Ayara Roof Tiles are Durable, Impermeable, Leak-Proof

  • SCG Ayara Roof is made from Fiber Cement materials which are comprised of SCG Portland cement mixed with the synthetic fiber. A few of its key benefits are safetiness and asbestos-free. The raw materials are blended together by modern technology. Tile texture then shall be very tough and durable with special ductility.
  • One of its key benefits is SCG Ayara Roof can be installed and covered using SCG Dry Ridge System set for SCG Araya Roof which is free of mortar. No more problem from dirty cement water stain.
  • SCG Araya Roof, after roofing completely, can support personal point load of 180 kg safely. The roof can support several positions of such load simultaneously due to 3 layers of superimposing, which can assure load supporting.

SCG Ayara Roof is Light Weight, minimize structural cost and time

  • Lighter weight can reduce building structure with large size of roof panel.
  • Appropriate size of tile panel, reduce installation time.

SCG Ayara Roof Real Product Picture

ayara roof tile

SCG Ayara Roofing Accessories

SCG has designed its roofing accessories in the format in which installation can be made efficiently. The system will help improve water leakage problem. 

Ayara roof accessories