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Hahuang Shingle Roof Tile

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Hahuang Shingle Roof is the simplicity with style that is yet as unique as the creation of nature. Not only does it perfectly fulfil nature oriented dream of your home, but it also distinctively contributes to the execution of various styles of design, especially, the modern and contemporary which require sophisticated simplicity. With Color Through technique, in which color pigment is blenfded into the concrete body so that the color is mixed all the way through the tile. 

Hahuang Shingle Roof Accessories

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Installation Hahuang Shingle Roof

Fix each piece of tile with two of 2.5 inch HaHuang self drilling tile screws. The Hahuang Dry Tech employed to the ridge and hip excellently prevents water impermeability without the need of mortar. No more hideous spotted roof due to mortar stain giving your roof with the neat appearance. The ridge and hip are installed with 4 inch Ha Huang Self drivlling tile screw fixing with the sheet of Hahuang dry tech. This specially quick and easy installation is designed with our advanced development to fulfill your roof with style on top. 

International Quality Standards Hahuang Shingle Roof

Each Hahuang shingle passes through stringent quality controls from premium raw material selections all through every step of the production proceess to ensure maximum durability and life-long vivid color hue. Its quality has been certified to comply with the Thai Industrial Standard TIS 535-2540 and meets the American Standard Testing Material ASTM C1492-03 of water impermeability, providing you a total peace of mind