Concrete Tile Magma Best Price Price Chart

Hahuang Concrete Tile Magma Best Price. The tile is made of concrete with its special curvy form.

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A relaxing Sea Wave profile, concrete roof tiles for residential and recreational buildings: the asymmetrical look of Sea Wave profile promotes feeling of comfort and relaxation of your roofing design. Combined with various color ranges, this aesthetically pleasuring roof tile can fulfill your imagination design and needs of any architectural style. 

Installation Tips for Hahuang Magma Tiles 

Recommended Purlin for Hahuang Magma Tiles

Rafter spacing 1 m Purlin Spacing 32-34 cm

Structural Preparation for Hahuang Magma Tiles

For Hahuang Magma tile, space from eaves 29 cm. The rest 32-34 cm. Adjust the space between eave and the last purlin to around 29 cm. and 32-34 cm. for between the other purlins. The minimum roof pitch is 25 degrees for horizontal distance of 1 m. Keep the height of rafter at 18 cm, while the latter rater should be aligned at the same distance.