Concrete Tile Granada Best Price by Shera Hahuang Price Chart

Granada Concrete Tile by Hahuang Best Price

Granada Concrete Tile by Hahuang has its special profile which has higher curve compared to that of traditional Elabana curve. It's expected to give homeowners the feeling of more classic roof tile and that the roof curve is clearer from afar. It offers wide ranges of color. 

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Special Curve Granada Tiles

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The comparison of cross section picture for Granada and standard Elabana curve, which is standard curve for concrete tiles available in Thailand.

Hahuang Granada High Barel Concrete roof tile heightens architecture splendor 

With a more pronounced curvature than your average concrete roof tile, Granada High Barrel Concrete roof tile breathes life and imagination to your roof scape. As it heightens the grandeur appearance of the architecture, it leaves you with a lasting impression. The highly dimensional waves function effectively as rain drainage to ensure low water penetration and can enhance heat protection performance when used in conjunction with a reflective insulation sheetAs the nature of concrete roof tile product, color from different production batch would be slightly different. Therefore, for perfect color shading, adequate quantity order is recommended under single purchase to guarantee the same product batch. 

Hahuang Granada Roof Tile Fitting

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International Quality Standards for Hahuang Granada Roof Tiles

Each Granada High Barrel Roof tile passes through stringent quality controls from premium raw materials selection all through every step of the production process to ensure maximum durability and lifelong vivid color hue. Its quality has been certified to comply with Thai Industrial Standard (TIS 353-2540) and meets the American Standard Testing Material ASTM C1492-03 for water impermeability, providing you a total peace of mind