Roman Roof Tiles Diamond Price Chart

Diamond Roman tiles are high-quality fiber cement roof tiles. The tiles have been used across Thailand for many years. The tiles are certified by international standards and commonly recognized in the market for years. They are noted for their prominent colors, eye-catching appearance with the double coating, and lively in all color shades; with long service life, and can withstand all types of weather, adding a balanced touch of elegance to homes and buildings; easy-to-install, convenient and optimize installation time and effort.

Special Properties

To continuously develop and improve the manufacturing process, the factories are confident that every Diamond tile exhibits high quality, and is top-class in terms of strength and durability. Their commitments include Tough and durable, true to its name. In addition, the tiles outshine in their prominent colors, glossy coating, with perfect evenness of coloring all-around and available in various colors and forms, Roman tiles or small corrugated tiles. Diamond tiles can unquestionably answer to all your taste for perfection and individuality.

Roman Tiles Fitting System

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Roman Tile Special Fitting System

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