Diamond Small Corrugated Tiles Best Price Price Chart

Diamond Small Corrugated Tiles Best Price

Diamond small corrugated tiles are recognized and long-time popular fiber cement roof riles, due to its durability. It has been used across the countries since the industry has then started. A few of its key attributes which make it lasts longer than the other types of tiles are its prominent colors from the double coating finish, truly colorful in all shades, and guaranteeing long service life; durable and resistant to all types of weather; easy-to-install, convenient and fast, and optimize installation time.

Special Properties of Diamond Small Corrugated Tiles 

Diamond Small Currugated Tiles exhibit high durability, rigidity and long service life, as they are produced from Portland cement. And reinforced natural fibers contribute for the high rigidity; durability and long service life.Tiles exhibit high density, light-weightiness and tolerance to deformation.Easy-to-install, perfect tiling, guard against rainwater intrusion, acoustic insulation from rainfall, ideal for heat insulation. 

Diamond Small Corrugated Fitting System

diamond tiles corrugated fitting system best price