Diamond Jeeranai Tile Best Price Price Chart

Jeeranai Tiles Best Price Jeeranai Tiles is classified under shingle roof, classic style. Suitable for an oriental look house. 

jeeranai tiles
jeeranai tiles best price diamond

Special Features for Jeeranai Tiles

  • The tile is designed for the purpose of easy to install system. It's now well accepted among roof tile manufacturers to introduce Dry Fixed System Fitting for its roof. The system will help reduce potential water leakage into the connected area
  • With the tile light weight design, it's suitable for wooden structure 
  • The use of paints to protect potential mold help endure the tile long lasting 

Differences between Jeeranai and Other Tiles

Once the edge of the tile that has stretched beyond its previous row, it helps the tile to protect water leakage into adjacent the area 

jeeranai tile help reducing the water leakage

Jeeranai Tiles Accessories

diamond jeeranai fitting roof best price