Diamond Concrete Tile CT Venice Granonda Price Chart

Diamond Concrete Tiles A new exquisite dimension for concrete tiles: taking fascination to new heights for home elegance in style. Diamond concrete CT tiles can meet your imagination for unparallel design; outstanding composure with Gran Onda corrugations, giving the prefect curvature and boasting the strength attained from modern production standards, so your roofs can elegantly shine in style 

diamond ct tiles special design

Special Properties

  • GRAN ONDA profile tiles or curved tiles, that are the most popular type.
  • Tile corrugation with neat curvature and contour, good water runoff.
  • With greater strength than TIS 535-2540 standard, with double rib central support.
  • With the design for double troughts and 3-layer water barries, for perfect guard against rainwater backflow.

Concrete Tiles Ridge Fitting System

concrete tile fitting system ridge