Metal Sheet Standard Profile Price Chart

How to select metal sheet

One must start choosing metal sheet roof profile by looking at the coating, strength and the thickness of the steel; as follows:

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Select Metal Sheet based on BMT

BMT (Base Metal Thickness) is the thickness of material before coating process

Aluzinc Coated for Metal Sheet

Aluzinc coated is calculated based on gram/m2 for both sides. The more Aluzinc has been used for coating the better and more durable. Standard coating will include AZ50, AZ70, AZ90, AZ100, AZ150 

TCT profile for Metal Sheet

TCT (Total Coated Thickness) is the total thickness of metal and coating material

Metal Yield Strength for the metal sheet

G300, G550 are sample of indicators of Yield Strength for metal sheet. The unit indicated is in Mpa. For metal roof profile, it’s strongly recommended to use at least G550 for tropical area used