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Colorbond® has Zincalume® steel, a Zinc-Aluminium 55% Alloy Coated Steel is certified by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TIS 2228-2558), as a core substrate. It provides both barrier protection of Aluminium that prevents steel from atmospheric contacts and galvanic protection of Zinc that sacrifices metal layer to protect its core steel at cut edges and scratches. On an average ZINCALUME® steel (AZ150 - Zinc-Aluminium 55% Coating of 150 g/m2) lasts up to four times longer than Galvanised steel (Z275 - Zinc Coating of 275 g/m2 ) in similar environmental conditions. 


 COLORBOND® is made from steel which answer the needs for The Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in cladding materials. Reduce - Steel sheets have light weight with high strength, these properties help reduces the number of transportation requirements as well as amount of structure support needs for cladding materials. Reuse - Steel products have long life span, they can be designed for disassembly and reuse. Recycle - Steel is theoretically 100% recyclable: if recovered at the end of each use phase, the life cycle of steel is potentially endless. Recycling prevents the waste of potentially useful materials. 



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Recommend for using with insulation material sandwiched between two sheets. It provides better foam adhesion than other regular type of Back paints which help reduced chances of foams peeling off from fabricating processes and real usages  


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