EPS Foam Sheet Fire Resistant Grade Price Chart

 Expandable Polystyrene is the product technology which blends polymerized polystyrene with fire retardant additive. The polymerization process consists of steaming Polystyrene. The product then forms into small white spherical beads. EPS beads will be brought into molding process like Shape Molding or Block molding. Molded EPS will be customized depending on customer requirements. For instance, Civil Road construction, Bridge-neck works, cold storage wall and so on. 

EPS Foam 

Insulation for Construction Work

EPS foam is formed into sheet with material like steel or aluminium. Owing to this high stability, it can be used the lightweight structure of construction such as restaurant, cold storag, warehousEk, office building. container, factory wall, Clean room, milk factory mushroom house, Supermarket, etc.