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Portland Cement Type-1

INSEE Petch is Ordinary Portland cement conforms to the Thai Industrial Standard for Portland cement type I TIS 15 - 2012, ASTM C 150 Type I and the British StandardB.S.12 (for Ordinary Portland cement).Tests have shown that INSEE Petch cement to be a Portland cement of superior quality.


Portland Cement Type-3

INSEE Dum is a High Early Strength Portland cement conforms to the Thai Industrial Standard for Portland Cement Type III TIS 15 - 2012, ASTM C 150 Type III and the British Standard B.S. 12 (For RapidHardening Portland Cement).

Technically, its grain size is finer than the Ordinary Portland cement ; hence high early strength can rapidly be developed.


Mixed cement for quality bricklaying and plastering works

INSEE Dang is mixed cement,manufactured from Portland cement clinker finely ground with other inert materials, which produces a mortar of high plasticity.

Its specification conform to the Thai Industrial Standard for Mixed Cement TIS 80 -2007.


Premium Masonry Cement

INSEE Tong comprises ultra fine cement powder and an inter-grinding admixture XD65. As the INSEE Tong contains the XD65.

it promotes the INSEE Tong property to be perfect for plastering work as it improves workability, ball bearing effect, adhesion, water retention and air void distribution while reduces cracking, formation of mold, shrinkage, skin irritation and material wasted while working.

INSEE Poon Keaw

General mixed cement

INSEE Poon Keawismixed cement for general bricklaying and plastering works.

INSEE Petch Ngarn Lor

Composite Portland cement for concrete casting and molding works

INSEE Petch Ngarn Lor has been improved such as finer texture, enhanced workability, more cohesive strength, and less water segregation and less bleeding. The superior quality facilitates the concrete casting, demanding process including finer concrete product surface.

Specially suitable for casting and molding concrete products such as drainage pipes,concrete blocks, gulley, concrete pile, concrete fencing post, pavement and concrete slap.


Portland Cement Type-5 (Sulfate Resisting Cement)

INSEE Fah is a Portland Cement Type V – High Sulphate Resistance manufactured conforms to ASTM C-150 Type V – High Sulphate resistance and its specification conforms to the Thai Industrial Standard for Portland Cement Type V - TIS 15 -2555


Offers extra slipperiness of plastering mortar.

INSEE Super …The New formula (40 kg.) concentrated mixed cement that ensures more solid and workable.

The new INSEE Super tested and evaluated by professional contractors that appears in the same quality as the general 50 kg. mixed cement with more efficient work. INSEE Super Concentrated Mixed Cement.