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KS White Brick Best Price

KS White Brick has its strength in load bearing. The wall can bear up to 180 kg/sq.cm. It also offers sound and heat protection feature. It has low level of water absorption, therefore reduce the number of cracks. The bricks are suitable for factories, high rise buildings, and general types of construction. KS White Brick is made of white cement, sand and Silicate. The raw materials will pass through autoclave production, technology from Germany. 

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Key Benefits KS White Bricks

  • Save time and cost. Usage quantity only 30-32 pcs/sqm.
  • Reduce cracking plaster walls
  • Easy to use plaster cement because of its external texture
  • It has double layer insulation technology 
  • Made of white cement which has low heat conduction 
  • Hollow core structure, therefore reduce total weight 
  • Bear the fire for 4 hours
  • Bearing 180 kg/sqcm
  • Sound protection 
  • Earned Thailand Industrial Standard

Thailand Industrial Standard Certificate KS White Brick

thailand industrial standard ks brick
ks brick certificate