Q-CON Light Weight Brick Best Price Price Chart

Q-CON Light Weight Brick Best Price. Q-CON Light Weight Brick is made of high production technology from Germany. Q-CON has its own special technical advantages that distribute air bubbles evenly across the pieces. And with Autoclaved System, it elevatess the level of strengths for the brick. Light-Weight bricks bring you the ultimate in light weight structure. Weighing only a fraction of concrete or clay bricks, Q-CON Light-Weight bricks have been designed with following features.  Solid, but Light-Weight G 2 Type 0.5's weight is much lighter than the weight of clay brick, about 2-3 times and 4-5times lighter than that of concrete. This allows for quicker and easier construction timees, therefore saving time and labor costs overall. High Compressive Strength, Ideal Protection Against Fire, Good acoustical insulation, Slow Water Absorption


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Sample of Light Weight Brick Q-CON

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