AEROCRETE Light Weight Brick Air Block Best Price Price Chart

Air Block Light Weight Brick Best Price

AIR BLOCK light weight brick is a autoclaved aerated concrete, or so called AAC, developed by advanced technology. It passed an industry standard product certification from Thai Industrial Standard (TIS. 1505-2541). A special feature is Lightweight , Strong , Sound proof , Fire resistant up to 4 hr. AIR BLOCK was developed by advanced technology for use as a new species construction material of Thailand . It is widely used now and in the future. Worldwide Manufacturing and as long as in the German, UK, Australia , USA , etc. 

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Air Block Light Weight Brick Specification

  • 2 times lighter than the weight of clay brick wall. 
  • Heat protection. Suitable for Residential buildings. Keep the building cool.
  • High strength and compressive strength is better than that of clay bricks.
  • A fireproof wall for longer than 4 hours. It is therefore safer than other types of bricks.
  • The standard size, easier for installation. 
  • Construction faster. No environmental impact and cost savings in the long run.
  • Sound absorption. Low Noise from outside.
  • Water absorption. Fungus Free