SHERA Plank Best Price Price Chart

SHERA Plank and its Uniqueness

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SHERA Plank is made of autoclaved wood grain siding acquires impressive toughness, yet remains flexible and dimensionally stable. SHERA plank is a unique composite of natural fibres bonded tightly in a high-grade silicate structure. lt is a cellulose-cement plank that contains absolutely NON asbestos fibre. 

shera,plank,best,price,shera plank,best,price

SHERA plank can withstand simple handling and installation and is therefore suitable for even Do-lt-Yourself (DIY) segment. It comes in several sizes and textures with a real remedy to wood-cladding houses which are severely affected by termites and humidity. Uncolored Teak Texture Uncolored Cassia Texture SHERA plank is a unique composite of natural fibr structure. This autoclaved wood grain siding acq flexible and dimensionally stable. lt is a cellulos NON asbestos fibre. SHERA plank can withstand therefore suitable for even Do-lt-Yourself (DIY). 

SHERA Wood Storage Technique



  • SHERA Wood should be stacked on dry and level ground. It is recommended that SHERA Wood to be stored under cover to ensure equilibrium of its moisture content which might have the impact on the surface and finishing during installation. Installation of SHERA Wood in wet condition may result in shrinkage or cracking at joints or fitting points  
  • To achieve maximum benefits from inherited functionality of SHERA Wood product, care should be exercised through out transportation and installation to avoid mishandling of the products