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 Latest news!!  1 Aug 2016  Due to tighten supply of iron ore, steel manufacturers increased its price by 2.3% to THB 14.90/kg **
Why us?
With more than 40 years of experience in the construction materials industry, we commit to deliver products that serve
your needs at the lowest cost possible.

Need to understand more about the materials
available in Thailand?

Kindly reach our sales representatives, we are here to advise
you and willing to work with you to have the best available
products possible with lower price.

Reinforced Concrete Bars:
Round Bars,
Deformed Bars
Ex-factory price
THB 14.80/Kg
Cut and Bend Steel
Efficient way to have your projects completed on time
Service fee
Binder Steel
Efficient way to have your projects completed on time
Ex-factory price

Q-CON Light-Weight Brick
Ex-factory price 20x60x7.5cm 
** Special Price! please contact us**
Gypsum Board and
Ex-factory price
120x240x9cm straight
THB 143.25/pc
Fiber Cement Board - SmartBOARD
Ex-factory price
THB 274.5/pc

Special Clay Tiles for the Beautiful Pool 

 One Stop Service for Roofing Solutions    

We offer wide ranges of SCG's roofing products and their accessories at the lowest price in Thailand.
    Prestive Chataeu
THB 27.75
  Neustile Grey Granite
  THB 44.34
   Excella Ocean Blue
THB 64.75
 Ayara Classic 13inch
 NaturalBrick THB 72.95
  Excella Sun Rise 
  THB 72.52
    Prima Orange Brick
THB 40.20

 One Stop Service for Landscape Products    

 Qualified industrial products that are suitable for tropical weather


Starting from
THB 11.23/pc
 Grass Block

Starting from 
 THB 26.16/pc
 Turf Stone

 Starting from


 Starting from
 THB 12.03/pc

Cobble Stone

Starting from
THB 3.62/pc
 La Linear

 Starting from
 THB 8.00/pc
 Uni Pave

 Starting from

 Starting from
 THB 12.03/pc

. Truly care for your home . 

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